Interhome identifies sustainable holiday accommodation

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On the Interhome Group websites, it is now possible to explicitly search for sustainable accommodation. The Swiss holiday home broker is thus reacting to the increasing demand for sustainable holiday homes and holiday homes.

The demand for sustainable holidays has increased in recent years. As a survey conducted by the University of Freiburg for the Interhome Group last year shows, more and more guests are attaching importance to sustainable holiday accommodation. In order to take this development into account, the portfolio of the Swiss holiday home broker can now be filtered by sustainable holiday apartments and holiday homes. “Sustainability is important to us. That is why we have subjected all holiday homes and holiday apartments to a corresponding check and marked the accommodations that are sustainable according to our criteria with their own symbol, a green tree,” says Jörg Herrmann, Co-CEO Interhome Group.

Holiday homes marked as "sustainable accommodation" meet at least seven of the twelve sustainability criteria that are particularly important to the Interhome Group in terms of environmental protection. These criteria include ecological heating, green electricity, solar cells or a photovoltaic system, an e-charging station, water-saving toilets and showers, recycling options, LED lighting, double-glazed windows, and proximity to public transport. The most important criteria that the respective sustainable holiday home meets are listed in the description of the accommodation.

Interhome Group has set itself the goal of becoming the most sustainable provider of holiday accommodation in Europe. The holiday apartment broker therefore supports owners with structural measures that make accommodation more sustainable - be it the installation of a photovoltaic system or the construction of an e-charging station. “Sustainable accommodation is becoming more and more important and the number of bookings for sustainable accommodation will be higher in the future than for holiday apartments or holiday homes, which do not value sustainability. It is therefore worthwhile investing in sustainability activities for the owners as well as for us as a company,” says Jörg Herrmann.

Finca (Photo: Unsplash).
Finca (Photo: Unsplash).