KPÖ wants to ban private jets at Linz Airport

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With reference to climate protection, the Communist Party of Austria is demanding that private jets should no longer be allowed to take off or land at Linz-Hörsching Airport in the future. It is pointed out that these should cause “up to 14 times more carbon dioxide emissions per passenger than an average commercial aircraft per passenger”.

The communists, who are represented in the Linz municipal council, introduced a corresponding resolution. The project is considered "feasible" because the city of Linz has a half stake in the airport. The broadcast points out that in April 2023 “more than ten private jet flight movements a day” were observed.

“We have already declared war on plastic straws in favor of the environment. So why not extend this fight to the jets of the super-rich?” said KPÄ councilor Michael Schmida.

Linz Airport (Photo: Michael David).
Linz Airport (Photo: Michael David).