Boat trips without a license: Extremely different rules within the EU

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For many holidaymakers, renting a small boat in the summer and taking a trip to the coastal area is simply part of it. However, whether you need a patent for this or not – this is also regulated extremely differently within the EU.

For example, in Croatia you always need a boat license. There are no exceptions, even if some vacationers still have the misconception that you don't need a patent up to a certain number of horsepower. In Croatia, you always need the "credit".

However, it is regulated differently in other EU countries. For example, in Germany you can drive up to a motorization of 15 hp and a maximum length of 15 meters without a license. In Spain it is also 15 hp, in Italy even 40 hp and the front runner is Greece, where you don't need a patent for up to 70 hp.

Boat in Xlendi (Photo: Amely Mizzi).
Boat in Xlendi (Photo: Amely Mizzi).