Long-haul: Lufthansa is revising its catering concept

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In business class, Lufthansa wants to offer its passengers on long-haul flights a revised catering concept. This should now also include additional snacks.

Among other things, passengers can now also receive bread created by Axel Schmitt for Lufthansa during their flights. This should be served as a starter together with butter and olive oil. A different type of bread should be served every quarter. Before take-off, passengers will receive an Avionic aperitif as an alternative to water and/or sparkling wine. Nuts are served with it.

For the first time, business class guests will be served a vegetarian greeting from the kitchen as a prelude to the first service on board, from antipasti to sushi. The dessert offering is also supplemented with fresh fruit. For a little hunger in between, there is a new, modular snack offering that varies depending on the length of the route and the time of day. This includes snacks, fresh fruit and, on longer flights, fresh salty and sweet treats, such as tomato and mozzarella skewers or wraps with pastrami. As a farewell, from June every passenger will be presented with a small Lindt chocolate box in an exclusive Lufthansa design. With this, Lufthansa wants to offer Business Class guests an all-round service, from the welcome moment to the farewell gesture.

Airbus A350 (Photo: Lufthansa Group).
Airbus A350 (Photo: Lufthansa Group).