Lufthansa and Friedrichshafen Airport celebrate their 35th anniversary

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The German airline Lufthansa was able to confirm and announce its 35th anniversary with Friedrichshafen Airport. Friedrichshafen Airport has been an important location for the Lufthansa system since 1988.

Lufthansa has been in partnership with Friedrichshafen Airport for 35 years, and this has now been realized with the 35th anniversary.

With the flights to Frankfurt, which are adapted to the connecting flights of Lufthansa and partner airlines, Lufthansa establishes connectivity to destinations in Germany, Europe and the whole world. The connection to Frankfurt is a backbone of mobility in the region for the local economy and for the Friedrichshafen location," says Claus-Dieter Wehr, Managing Director of Friedrichshafen Airport.

CRJ-900 (Photo: Friedrichshafen Airport).
CRJ-900 (Photo: Friedrichshafen Airport).