Lufthansa wants to sue for damages from climate stickers

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The Lufthansa Group and Berlin-Brandenburg Airport want to ask those climate stickers that caused a temporary cessation of flight operations at BER on November 24, 2022 to pay. Both companies are preparing claims for damages.

The fact that BER Airport is considering claiming the costs has been confirmed known shortly after the incident. Now the news magazine "Der Spiegel" reports, citing a Lufthansa spokesman, that the Kranich Group also wants to assert claims for damages because of "impairments to our flight operations".

On November 24, 2022 Self-proclaimed "climate protectors" of the "last generation" illegally entered the BER site and stuck to the asphalt. The incident was repeated on December 8, 2022, with a parallel intrusion also taking place in Munich. This time the Federal Police intervened quickly and was able to prevent a Bavaria from a far greater extent. The German Minister of Transport sharply criticized the self-proclaimed "climate protectors".

Embraer 190 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Embraer 190 (Photo: Jan Gruber).