Mouse found in AUA business class catering

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During the catering loading of Austrian Airlines flight OS175, the crew discovered a live mouse in a bread bin. According to the airline, this and the affected goods were removed immediately.

The plane was supposed to fly from Hamburg to Vienna in the morning. During the inspection of the business class catering goods, the flight attendants discovered that there was a live mouse in a brown bread bin. The animal was immediately handed over to the ground staff. The AUA confirmed the incident, which was initially reported by the Kronen Zeitung, and stated that the goods in question had been disposed of as a precaution.

Austrian Airlines is now initiating an investigation to clarify how the supplier managed to get a live mouse as a "stowaway" into the goods despite compliance with safety and hygiene regulations.

Seats Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Seats Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).