MSC takes over newbuild ship Euribia

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The MSC shipping company recently took over another cruise ship, the MSC Euribia. According to their own statements, this should score with energy efficiency and low pollutant emissions. Although it is an LNG drive, the liner is dual-mode capable ex works.

Specifically, this means that MSC can also operate the cruise ship with classic marine diesel. It is emphasized, however, that it would be a particularly low-sulphur variety. “During operation, the ship emits up to 19 percent fewer greenhouse gases per passenger per day than its sister ships, which run on conventional marine fuels. This equates to 44 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions per passenger per day compared to ships built just ten years ago,” MSC said in a media statement.

MSC Euribia (Photo: MSC).
MSC Euribia (Photo: MSC).