New drone courses at Mönchengladbach Airport

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In the future, unmanned aerial vehicles will increasingly use our airspace. Above all, anyone who operates drones commercially must obtain a corresponding license. This is now possible at Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) as a branch of Droniq GmbH, which has been designated as a test center by the Federal Aviation Office. The first exams were held in Mönchengladbach at the end of January.

From leisure activities to industrial use to use in rescue operations: the number of unmanned aerial vehicles is constantly increasing. It is therefore important that long-distance pilots can fly their drone safely and in accordance with current aviation regulations and acquire the appropriate qualifications. In January 2023, Droniq GmbH expanded its Droniq Academy training platform with the MGL location. From now on you can take the official exam to acquire the EU long-distance pilot's certificate A2 according to the Air Traffic Regulations. In addition to valid drone insurance, the prerequisites for this are registration as a long-distance pilot with the Federal Aviation Authority and proof of basic knowledge of the EU certificate of competence A1/A3. All exam dates in Mönchengladbach for 2023 are listed on the Droniq website at

Mönchengladbach Airport offers ideal conditions here. With several local flight schools, he already has a training focus for private and commercial pilots. From now on, the offer will be supplemented by courses for long-distance pilots in cooperation with Droniq. In addition to this basic qualification, the MGL has developed special training courses on the safe operation of drones in controlled airspace. With its control zone and complex airspace, the conditions at the MGL are ideal for training long-distance pilots in handling their drones. The content ranges from technical to meteorological topics, eg minimum weather conditions and thermals, to the diverse aspects of flight operations and drone systems. Course dates are published on the website.

Drone (Photo: Brussels Airport).
Drone (Photo: Brussels Airport).