Passenger numbers: Hamburg has broken the ten million mark

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Hamburg Airport welcomed its ten millionth passenger on Monday. For comparison: In the whole of 2021 there were only 5,32 million travelers. Despite reaching the milestone, the volume is still about 25 percent below the pre-crisis level.

"After we were able to record the strongest month since the pandemic in October, the mark of 10 million passengers is another milestone on the way to normality. The high demand for holiday travel has contributed to this pleasing development. For many people there is a great need to travel to other countries and switch off far from everyday life. In addition, there are many private travelers who would like to finally meet friends and relatives who live far away in person again,” says Katja Bromm, Head of Communications at Hamburg Airport.

Terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport (Photo: Oliver Sorg).
Terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport (Photo: Oliver Sorg).