Return flight canceled: Employees must note this

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Many summer vacations end with a nasty surprise – return flights or return journeys by train are canceled (or have extreme delays) and those affected are stuck abroad through no fault of their own.

Currently, e.g. B. the heat and prolonged drought for forest fires in southern Europe. Due to the exceptional situation, many flights are also canceled and numerous employees from Austria sometimes do not make it back to their workplace in time.

If the return flight was canceled unexpectedly, “the most important thing is to inform the employer immediately – regardless of whether you can come to work late or not at all; this can be done by phone, email or other communication channels common in the company such as WhatsApp. If you don't do that, there may be consequences under labor law, such as dismissal," says ÖGB labor law expert Michael Trinko.

Anyone who cannot get to work on time because of a canceled flight and has given notice "does not need to fear any consequences," emphasizes Trinko. If the flight was canceled and you return late from vacation through no fault of your own, "you don't have to take an additional day of vacation," says the employment law expert: "In this case, there is a reason for being prevented from working."

Display board in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Display board in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).