Flughafen Wien AG share at all-time high

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Shares in the listed airport operator were at an all-time high on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at EUR 42,45 per share. The company's market capitalization thus reached its highest level of all time at EUR 3,56 billion.

The previous high from 2019 of EUR 40,80 per share was thus clearly exceeded and the interim price loss as a result of the COVID-19 effects on air traffic was more than made up for in a short time. Compared to 2012, the price has increased more than sixfold, which underlines the excellent development of the company.

With the privatization and the IPO of the company in June 1992, the foundation for the company's further success was laid. The enterprise value at that time was only 580 million euros. If one also takes into account the dividend payments received by the shareholders, the price growth since the IPO is almost 700% or 7% pa

Vienna Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Vienna Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).