SITA takes over Materna IPS: new market leader for passenger handling

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The global leader in technology solutions for the aviation industry, SITA, has announced the acquisition of Materna IPS. Materna IPS is a leading passenger processing company for airports and airlines. This move marks a significant development for the aviation industry as it will enable SITA to create the world's most powerful passenger portfolio for airports and digital travel.

The acquisition comes against the backdrop of a forecast doubling of air traffic volumes by 2040. To meet industry needs, the integration of Materna IPS' solutions offers SITA the opportunity to optimize passenger flow and transform airports from simple transit hubs to personalized, digital experiences transform. Materna IPS is known for its leading self-bag drop solutions and has a broad customer base in North America, India, Europe and Japan.

Through this acquisition, SITA will further expand its leadership position in the field of self-service solutions for passengers at the airport. According to SITA CEO David Lavorel, the acquisition will “change the landscape of the entire aviation industry” and create “a new dimension of efficiency for passengers and airports.” Dr. Georg Oschmann, CEO of Materna IPS, sees “limitless potential for growth and development” in this strategic partnership.

The acquisition enables SITA to offer a comprehensive end-to-end passenger processing solution that includes innovative technologies such as biometrics, computer vision and digital travel. This combination will help make the travel experience smoother and more contactless for passengers worldwide.

Check-in area in Ljubljana (Photo: Andreas Knoll).
Check-in area in Ljubljana (Photo: Andreas Knoll).