Synhelion opens world's first industrial solar fuel plant in Germany

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Synhelion has inaugurated the world's first industrial plant for the production of synthetic fuels using solar heat in Jülich. The plant, called Dawn, uses a 20-meter-high solar tower and a mirror field to produce solar fuels for the transport sector. This technology marks a significant step towards defossilization and is used in particular in aviation for sustainable mobility.

The Dawn plant integrates all of Synhelion's innovative technologies on an industrial scale for the first time. It enables continuous production of solar fuels around the clock and shows the entire technology chain from sunlight to synthetic fuel.

Dawn is expected to produce several thousand liters of fuel per year from 2024, mainly synthetic oil, which will then be refined into certified fuels. Synhelion plans to build a commercial plant in Spain from 2025 with a production capacity of around 1 tons per year.

At the ceremonial inauguration on the summer solstice, representatives from politics and industry emphasized the importance of solar fuels for reducing CO2 in the transport sector. State Secretary Hartmut Höppner and Heike Birlenbach from SWISS highlighted the strategic importance and potential of this technology.

Philipp Furler, CEO of Synhelion, described the inauguration as a historic moment and emphasized the importance of technological innovation for sustainable mobility. Synhelion plans to reach a production capacity of around one million tons of solar fuel per year within ten years.

Dawn Aerial (Photo: Synhelion).
Dawn Aerial (Photo: Synhelion).