Tailwind cancels Antalya flights from Memmingen, Karlsruhe and Friedrichshafen

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The Turkish Tailwind Airlines actually wanted to fly three times a week from Memmingen, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Friedrichshafen to Antalaya between May 26 and June 11, 2023. Nothing will come of it because the flights have been cancelled.

The carrier gave no further reason for the deletion. However, there should definitely be a connection with the fact that other providers have increased their Antalya flights and new players have entered the market. It is apparent, however, that there are considerably more flights to the Turkish coastal region from the Main-Ruhr region and from eastern German airports than from southern Germany.

Boeing 737-400 (Photo: V1Images.com/Menyhért Kristóf Bence).
Boeing 737-400 (Photo: V1Images.com/Menyhért Kristóf Bence).