Thalys and Eurostar move together

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The Thalys high-speed trains will in future appear under the uniform Eurostar brand. The reason for the renaming is that the parent company believes that Eurostar is much better known.

The group aims to carry around 2030 million passengers a year by 30. The Eurostar Group owns the Thalys and Eurostar railway companies. These will have a common brand presence in the future. The conversion will be carried out gradually by the end of 2023.

“We are proud to announce today our new brand that will increase our visibility, help make us the cornerstone of high-speed transport in Europe and advance our goal of doubling ridership in the next decade. Our customers will enjoy the same quality of service they know and love on our unified network. Business and leisure centers in five European countries. As Eurostar Group, we are joining forces to write the next chapter in the history of rail travel and to accelerate the modal shift from road and air to rail,” said Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO of Eurostar Group.

Eurostar (Photo: Pixabay/Emil02050).
Eurostar (Photo: Pixabay/Emil02050).