Therme Wien with a new relaxation lounge

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Since the end of 2022, Therme Wien has been offering a completely renovated relaxation lounge. What is new is that this should have its own check-in and supposedly more comfortable loungers. In addition to admission and a sauna, day trippers should also be able to borrow a bathing basket.

However, the matter is not exactly cheap, because at least 94 euros are due. However, this price only applies to online bookings, because spontaneously at the cash desk it can become more expensive. The following services should be included in the so-called pleasure lounge:

  • Enjoy as much coffee and tea as you want
  • Refreshments, fruit, dried fruit and small snacks are available in the pleasure bars
  • Relax snack in the morning and afternoon - food intolerances, allergies or intolerances are of course taken into account
  • Relax gourmet voucher for thermal spa gastronomy worth 12 euros.
Relax lounge at Therme Wien (Photo: Therme Wien).
Relax lounge at Therme Wien (Photo: Therme Wien).