Comeback: Tui digs up First Choice brand
Amely Mizzi • September 20st, 2023 • 11:09
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Jan Gruber • September 20, 2023 • 05:39
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Comparison: Online booking is particularly laborious with these airlines
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Greece introduces 10-day quarantine

From December 18, 2020, Greece will drastically tighten the entry requirements. Regardless of their origin, passengers have to go into a ten-day quarantine. The measure is initially limited to and including 7 January 2021. who

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A year of tourism with considerable losses

Actually, in October there were initially positive impulses for the travel industry. But increasing numbers of infections, the first domestic bans on accommodation and new travel restrictions ensured that the booking situation in the holiday business as a whole improved

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Egypt vacation with obstacles

The Federal Foreign Office continues to warn against traveling to Egypt. The country is severely affected by corona infections, the testing for Covid-19 in Egypt is “not risk-adapted” and is not uniform across the country. Furthermore

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