Tui passengers have chosen the most popular hotels
Guest Author • March 01, 2024 • 09:32
Malta had more tourists than ever before
Amely Mizzi • March 01, 2024 • 04:05
Cappadocia: Sleeping in a cave hotel
Jan Gruber • February 29, 2024 • 13:32
Wachau: Free bus transport to the apricot blossom
Guest Author • February 29, 2024 • 12:34
Fraudsters harass Eurowings passengers
Amely Mizzi • February 28, 2024 • 13:38
OGH ruling: Chamber of Labor prevails against DocLX
René Steuer • February 28, 2024 • 07:06
Frenzy in Austria: Cars can be confiscated
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Air passenger rights: Airhelp monitored 15,9 million flights in eleven years
René Steuer • February 23, 2024 • 07:34

Alltours wants to offer more Tunisia package tours

The German tour operator Alltours wants to offer significantly more Tunisia package tours in the future. This should also be related to the generally rising prices in classic holiday regions. So far, this North African country has only played one at Alltours

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Tyrol: Zillertalbahn becomes a hydrogen railway

The Zillertalbahn, which is currently operated with diesel traction, is not to be electrified. Instead, the state of Tyrol relies on hydrogen-powered trains. Previously, for years there was a debate about whether to use electricity or another

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ÖBB: youth summer ticket is back

A few days ago, the Austrian Federal Railways started selling the summer ticket, which is available to people under the age of 26. This is again not during the entire school summer holidays, but only

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Slovenia abolishes 3G rule upon entry

Almost everywhere in Europe, restrictions are being relaxed – including in Slovenia. Travelers who want to enter the EU country will no longer be required to provide 3G proof. So tourists don't have to go to that

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Lithuania abolishes G-Rules upon entry

Coming from other EU countries, Lithuania again allows all persons to enter the country without further proof and quarantine. No vaccination, recovery or test certificate is required. Even within the country, the 3G rule has been largely adopted

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