Cuba vacations are significantly less in demand than before the pandemic
Jan Gruber • November 30nd, 2023 • 04:07
Sacher launches new voucher system
Amely Mizzi • November 29nd, 2023 • 05:09
Holiday on Ice: Free public transport to Innsbruck
Jan Gruber • November 28nd, 2023 • 13:36
Austria: ABTA holds its last annual meeting
Guest Author • November 28, 2023 • 13:08
X-Jam-Matura trips: OGH overturns fees and cancellation fees from DocLX
Jan Gruber • November 24nd, 2023 • 04:37
BGH: Anyone who does not offer the earliest possible replacement transport must pay compensation
Amely Mizzi • November 22nd, 2023 • 13:20
Switchers are also affected: the UK wants to collect “entrance fees” in the future
Amely Mizzi • November 22nd, 2023 • 06:38
Big price differences in duty free shops
Guest Author • November 20, 2023 • 13:29

Italy expects record numbers in winter tourism

After two years of the pandemic, Italy is expecting a record season for winter tourism. 80 percent of the rooms in the hotels of mountain communities in the Alpine region have already been booked, and the accommodation providers have closed on New Year's Eve

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Aida Cruises ends mandatory testing

For all normal departures of Aida Cruises, the test obligation is completely eliminated. For all normal Aida departures of up to 15 days, the test obligation will no longer apply from January 13, 2023. After that applies

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France: This is how entry works

In times of Corona there are a few things to consider when entering France. The core of the currently valid rules is the so-called 3G certificate. Furthermore, an affidavit must be issued

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