Tui Care Foundation strengthens sea turtle protection

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On World Turtle Day, the Tui Care Foundation emphasizes the importance of protecting sea turtles. The Tui Turtle Aid program monitors and protects nesting beaches in Cape Verde, Greece, Turkey and Kenya.

Measures such as night patrols, the use of drones and the establishment of rehabilitation centers are being implemented together with local organizations. Awareness campaigns and workshops promote awareness of marine conservation among locals and tourists. A globally unique certification system for turtle-friendly hotels has also been developed, promoting environmentally friendly practices in the tourism industry.

In Cape Verde, collaboration with Project Biodiversity protects nesting beaches by monitoring and relocating endangered nests. Media campaigns and school workshops raise public awareness.

In Kenya, the Turtle Aid program and Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) work together. Over 200 injured turtles are being cared for in rehabilitation centers. Night patrols protect thousands of hatchlings annually, while a visitor center raises awareness of turtle conservation.

On the Turkish coast, in collaboration with Dekamer and Ekad, protective cages and patrols protect the nests. Rehabilitation centers treat injured turtles and provide information to the public. In Greece, particularly Crete, the program protects nesting sites and promotes awareness through information kiosks and guided beach walks.

The Tui Turtle Aid program has developed practical guidelines and the world's first certification system for turtle-friendly hotels. 30 hotels will initially be certified and thus become pioneers for sustainable tourism. As part of Marine May, various educational initiatives will be launched to increase awareness of sustainable practices to protect marine ecosystems.

Turtle (Photo: Tui).
Turtle (Photo: Tui).