Weeze celebrates Air Arabia Maroc's first landing

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On Friday March 3, 2023, Weeze Airport celebrated the first landing of an Air Arabia Maroc Airbus A320-200 arriving from Fez. The carrier is now offering two weekly rotations.

The flights are initially on Thursdays and then on Tuesdays and Fridays. “This is great news for the airport. The Air Arabia Maroc has a good name in the industry and is considered to be extremely reliable,” says Sebastian Papst, Managing Director at Weeze Airport. The demand from travelers of Moroccan origin has been particularly high for years: in 2019 alone, 100.000 passengers flew from Weeze Airport to the North African Kingdom. Many people with a Moroccan background live in the Netherlands and in the Düsseldorf area. "This connection is an absolute win for the airport and its travelers."

First flight to Fez (Markus van Offern/Airport Weeze).
First flight to Fez (Markus van Offern/Airport Weeze).