With a stop in Erbil: Iraqi Airways begins direct flights Baghdad-Düsseldorf

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The airline Iraqi Airways plans to return to Düsseldorf with direct flights in November 2023. The comeback is announced for November 14, 2023 with Boeing 737-800. 

Every Tuesday, Iraqi Airways intends to operate direct flights between Baghdad and Düsseldorf. In both directions there is a stopover in Erbil for getting on and off. In contrast to non-stop flights, which go from A to B without a stopover, direct flights can have any number of stops as long as the flight number remains the same. Many passengers are not aware of the difference, which often leads to trouble, especially during the holiday season. 

Boeing 737-Max-8 (Photo: V1Images.com/Preston Fiedler).
Boeing 737-Max-8 (Photo: V1Images.com/Preston Fiedler).