Berlin-Brandenburg Airport with new taxi rules

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New rules apply to taxi drivers at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. The aim is to prevent taxis that are not allowed to take passengers from no longer being able to do this in the future. The traffic flow should also improve.

The airport for the capital region is located directly on the border between Berlin and Brandenburg and is the gateway to the world for people from both federal states. Due to this location, numerous passengers are brought to or picked up from BER by taxis from both federal states every day. The current regulation of the responsible authorities allows 1.000 taxis to pick up passengers at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (500 each from Berlin and the Dahme Spreewald district). All taxis are allowed to take guests to BER.

The airport company and its process partners have implemented the following changes to the taxi infrastructure and process optimizations:

  • Setting up a designated area for pre-booked taxis to pick up pre-booked passengers
  • Taxis are no longer allowed to enter the short-term parking area “Kiss & Fly” on the arrivals level
  • The exits from the arrivals level at Terminal 1 are secured with double barriers (a lock system that prevents multiple vehicles from exiting when the barrier is opened)
  • If the terminal regulations are ignored (e.g. offering transport services), vehicles will be blocked from entering the terminal for three months (vehicles will be excluded from using the right-of-way based on their license plates).
  • Expansion of security patrols in the terminal area
  • Increased controls by the police and supervisory authorities
  • Additional signage system in the baggage hall and the arrivals area with information about the official taxi rank
  • Update of the usage regulations for taxis at BER as a basis for the new regulations
Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Terminal 1 (Photo: Granit Pireci).
Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Terminal 1 (Photo: Granit Pireci).