Munich Airport renovates 35-year-old bridge

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At Munich Airport, the approximately 35-year-old road bridge North and South and the maintenance avenue is being renovated. For this reason, the building, which is located at the level of the Novotel, will be closed from February 20, 2023 until December 2023.

During this time, there is a signposted detour - traffic will then be routed over the bridge that has been in place for about two years at the level of the Agip petrol station. Occasional construction work is also taking place under the bridge to be renovated. Therefore, there will be temporary restrictions on traffic on the central avenue. During the construction phase, the northern exit from Zentralallee to Nordallee and the opposite direction will also be closed for one to two weeks.

Munich Airport (Photo: Munich Airport).
Munich Airport (Photo: Munich Airport).