For social projects: Stuttgart has been collecting deposit bottles for ten years

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For ten years now, passengers at Stuttgart Airport have been able to donate empty beverage containers for which a deposit had to be paid when purchasing. According to its own information, the state airport was one of the first airports to launch such a campaign. 

Ulrich Heppe, spokesman for the management of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, congratulates on the anniversary: ​​“Donate your deposit is an all-round good thing and fits perfectly with our fairport idea. The fact that many other German airports have adopted the idea speaks for itself. We are pleased that the initiative is so successful and would like to thank our passengers for their many donations.” So far, the Trott-war team has collected a total of four million bottles and cans using the well-known deposit containers in front of the terminal security checks. 

Donate Your deposit is based on an idea from the Enactus student initiative at the University of Hohenheim. The proceeds from the donations finance five permanent jobs at the STR from the Stuttgart association Trott-war eV for socially disadvantaged people. The employees take care of emptying the containers, sorting the bottles and passing them on to the recycling company Der Grüne Punkt. This takes over the utilization and returns the deposit proceeds to Trott-war. 

Stuttgart Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Stuttgart Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).