Dan Air postpones the start of scheduled flights by two weeks

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The Romanian airline Dan Air, formerly specialized in the provision of ACMI and charter services, will enter scheduled business from Brasov and Bucharest in June 2023. The start from the capital, which should have taken place at the beginning of June 2023, has been postponed by an average of two weeks.

A few days ago, Dan Air officially started selling airline tickets. From Brasov and Bucharest they also want to serve destinations in Germany. In doing so, they are obviously trying to fill gaps left by the insolvent Blue Air. While the start from the first city mentioned was always planned for mid-June 2023, the intention was to start in the Romanian capital at the beginning of June 2023. This has now been postponed so that it will start almost at the same time. Most routes are only served once or twice a week.

Airbus A321 (Photo: V1Images.com/David James Clelford).
Airbus A321 (Photo: V1Images.com/David James Clelford).