Germany: Traffic Court Day dealt with aviation for the first time

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For the first time, the German Traffic Court Day also dealt with legal questions relating to air traffic. A separate working group was set up for this purpose, in which experts from different areas explored the tension between the protection of sensitive information and the state's interest in criminal prosecution and made recommendations for adjustments to German law.

The focus of the two-day deliberations was the concept of "Just Culture" (honesty culture), which describes the handling of reporting errors to increase flight safety. In its recommendation, Working Group VIII agreed that "Just Culture" and the protection of safety-relevant data within the meaning of Regulations (EU) No. 996/2010 and No. 376/2014 make a significant contribution to promoting and improving flight safety.

“Only when all the people involved have confidence in a reporting system can it function in the long term. The recommendations of the Traffic Court Day now form the basis for the further development and improvement of the legal framework," says Matthias Baier, spokesman for the Cockpit Association.

above the clouds (photo: Jan Gruber).
above the clouds (photo: Jan Gruber).